Workshop Materials

Symposium Workshop Materials

Thursday, April 14: An evening for youth, parents and educators

Concurrent sessions for youth and adults will be facilitated by dynamic presenters who will provide an overview of the positive and negative features of technology. The focus will include online bullying, the impact on teen dating relationships, digital risks and vulnerabilities, relationship responsibilities, safety, how to avoid unintended harms, and how to contribute to a positive online culture.

YOUTH SESSION: Tweeting a Smoke Signal
Presenter: Matt Soeth

Family Media and Internet Safety
Presenter: Eileen Calandro

Friday, April 15: Safety Planning, Legal Perspectives and Innovative Responses

The growing use of technology has transformed our lives for the better, but can harbor a dark side. Day Two will offer a full day of keynote, plenaries and concurrent breakout tracks for advocates and other service providers, policy makers, lawyers, and law enforcement officers. Sessions will explore how to manage victim risks and how technology can be harnessed to track, apprehend offenders and increase conviction rates.

Friday April 15 | Plenary Session| 8:45 - 9:00 AM

Keynote: Modernizing the Fight Against Domestic Violence in the 21st Century, A Prosecutor’s View
Presenter: Stan Garnett

Plenary: Violence Against Women in the Digital Age
Presenter: Kaofeng Lee

Friday April 15 | Breakout Session #1 | 12:30 - 2:00 PM

Navigating Survivor Safety & Privacy When Abusers Misuse Technology
Presenter: Kaofeng Lee

A Review of Current and Upcoming Legislation Concerning Technology Trends and Interpersonal Violence
Presenter: Raana Simmons

Technology and Stalking Part 1: Investigation and Victim Advocacy
Presenters: Deputy DA Tim Johnson & Detective Bryan Franke

Friday April 15 | Breakout Session #2 | 2:15 - 3:45 PM

Technology and Stalking Part 2: The Road to Charging and Successful Prosecution of Stalking in the Technological Age
Presenters: Deputy DA Tim Johnson & Detective Bryan Franke

The Address Confidentiality Program: Benefits and Limitations
Presenters: Steven Garcia & Kim Reynolds